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Have you ever made a patient’s bed and had an overwhelming desire to lay down in it?

Have you ever sneaked candy from a patient’s bedside while she was sleeping?

Have you ever considered tattooing “No Code” on your chest?

If you answered yes to any of these, then read on!

Our Mission at Resuscitation Station: To be the “one-stop-shop” on the Internet for nurses and healthcare professionals seeking to alleviate their stress and improve the quality of their lives through humor and laughter by providing quality/fun products and services. The team at Resuscitation Station knows that if you really want something done right, ask a nurse to do it. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re asking you to help us grow to be the #1 web choice for nurses seeking entertainment and fun. We want to be the leading resource for information about the benefits of humor and laughter in your professional and personal life. We strive to increase awareness and acceptance of therapeutic humor as a complimentary form of medicine. And most importantly, we want to live and leave a legacy of laughter. Bookmark our site. Visit us often and watch us grow. Send your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and ideas. Contact us at info@resuscitationstation.com